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Facebook Business INCubator

Take Action! 

You advance through this course by taking actionable steps and coming back into the membership site to record the results you experienced. If you have questions about the tasks, please contact Alley Jean asap.

About the VisibilityYOU Business Academy

This is not your typical

12-week business course!

I know what it feels like to be ready and up-level, but be inundated with time-consuming tasks and ever-changing technical and digital issues to gain traction. I was new and sometimes oblivious to all of this myself! I used to deal with only the print and advertising industry locally here in Michigan. I did web work but knew close to *zero* of the knowledge I will teach you. Yes, I finally conquered the online space and social media like a queen bee riding a unicorn! 

Finding your flow in life and business is not about turning every day into a perfect dream. That is a well-known lie that makes most women feel like they are constantly failing. What is important is that you have the ambition to experiment and do fun and creative things that get you outside of your box.

Time to step into the spotlight of the world and be the focus this year! Let’s create a buzz together!

xoxo 🦄💋🤩♓️👑🚀



Founder of VisibilityYOU Business Incubator Academy 

 The academy is the right choice if you’re a woman who…

  •  Knows her worth but can’t seem to bring it all together as it is envisioned in her head
  •  Strives to understand how she can truly let her individuality be recognized
  •  Follows her heart and knows the fire burning deep within her is never going to fade
  •  Invites creativity into her life and knows this is extremely important to her success
  •  Is ready to commit to something that is going to change everything in a great way
  •  Knows that there is more to life than sales funnels and webinars
  •  Is excited about being asked to do creative challenges that will not be easy
  •  Understands that the key to success is developing a legacy not *just* a business
  •  Is ready to love herself enough to admit when she doesn’t know everything
  •  Wants to have so much fun in her business that she doesn’t feel like it is work
  •  Wants to end the “hustle” and begin her LEGACY of building a sustainable future
  •  Is ready to co-create a social revolution with us and truly be SEEN and HEARD

What will you learn at the academy?


  •  You’ll learn how to heal your personal drama that is interfering with your success in business
  •  You’ll gain several mindset tools that aid you in moving forward in your business immediately
  •  You’ll learn everything I know about social media and how to navigate it for your purposes
  •  Creative brainstorming and strategizing will become second-nature to you 
  •  Video Technology will be a breeze!
  •  You’ll conquer and have fun building a schedule and presence livestreaming
  •  Understanding basic graphic design and how it applies to your business will be a no-brainer
  •  Building your toolbox to combat toxic people and old habits that sabotage your business
  •  You’ll have gone through 60+ challenges, actionable steps, video tutorials, quizzes and more!
  •  You’ll learn the 2018-19 global trends in the entrepreneurial world and be ahead of the pack
  •  YOU WILL LEARN TO WRITE! *NEW* You’ll stop questioning your posts and online content
  •  You will evaluate and bring to life new services and products and price them with honor
  •  Storytelling will be second-nature to you
  •  You’ll have a dedicated creative space that drives your ambition
  •  You will build relationships that matter with your audience
  •  Finding your zen in marketing and sales will happen finally!
  •  You will gain an opportunity that you create with an influencer
  •  You will create a connection with a circle of women who will always have your back
  •  Visibility online and your direction moving forward will be clear and exciting
  •  No more online drain! I have the solution and you will too.

Hello, I am Alley Jean

With a growing audience of 30,000 women, a six-figure media company, and a successful and bright future, a lot of people look at me and they no longer see all the frustration, self-doubt, and the feeling of being a failure that I went through most of my life. No matter what I did I was not fulfilled and felt selfish that I didn’t appreciate what I had. My background gave me an opportunity to run a global company like a boss and as soon as I stepped on the world’s stage I fell flat on my face! I truly know how you feel! So many years of having consistent great months and wondering when everything would stop and I would have to go back to the office and crawl back to corporate life defeated.

You have the opportunity here to work with someone who is ready to give you years and years of my life and wrap it up nice and tight for you. This is the 10th season of VisibilityYOU and every single course has been fabulous! But this time it is different because you are not just getting a course… you are part of a beautiful community of women and an academy that will be giving you more value in every way possible well after you have completed the 12-week course. To be honest with you there is no way you could complete the entire course. If someone does I am sending her a huge gift because it would be mind-blowing!

You are here for a reason and I am not a flash in the pan kind of girl. I am committed to you and your success and instead of struggling through creativity, technology and a solid plan for social media and your business, well, you can work with me this year at the academy virtually and take years off your learning curve. It’s time to take a step in the right direction and shine a light on you in the right way…YOUR WAY. This is all going to be done by you and for you. It is all about you girl!

🐝 Do you want to expand your online audience? Have you considered that you might be approaching social media *too* professionally? Are you covering up your true personality in fear that if you let your hair down no one will take you seriously? Are you afraid 😱 that you’ll make huge mistakes if you Livestream? Is the online space becoming more and more draining and feeling like a JOB instead of a place to create an experience and develop amazing relationships?

It’s time to join us at the VisibilityYOU Business Academy! We are in our tenth successful season! Save your virtual seat for our October 11th start date! Major realignments and a whole lot of fun with a side of empowerment!

🔥Want to know everything about hashtags including how and WHY you should be using those cute little mysteries? You can by joining the VisibilityYOU Business Academy and becoming a lifetime member!

🔥Does video technology get you down? Want to know how simple it can be and everything you can do to refine your online presence? You can by joining the VisibilityYOU Business Academy and becoming a lifetime member!

🔥Do you ever catch yourself wishing for a magic pill that would transform your LIVESTREAM fears into excitement? I have it and it’s called the VisibilityYOU Business Academy and becoming a lifetime member is a big opportunity for greatness that I am offering you.

🔥Want to know everything about making your own online graphics so they look professional? You can by joining the VisibilityYOU Business Academy and becoming a lifetime member!

🔥Want to make money and have a purpose for your blog? You can by joining the VisibilityYOU Business Academy and becoming a lifetime member!

🔥Will you be the next big thing in your industry? It’s time to take the training wheels off and do some super fun and brave things out there, like standing in the spotlight and realizing that the light comes from you.

🐝Creative empowerment, emotional strength, authentic systems, techie freedom, and a whole lotta fun is what the 12-week VisibilityYOU Business Academy will give you.

Facebook Business INCubator

Take Action! 

You advance through this course by taking actionable steps and coming back into the membership site to record the results you experienced. If you have questions about the tasks, please contact Alley Jean asap.

Let’s stop stressing out and start having fun with our business! Life is for living not worrying!

We would be thrilled and excited for you to join us!

I coach you, support you, and inspire you to be your best YOU! This is a creative adventure into how we can all find our sweet space and natural flow when showing up for the world with a goal of getting seen and making social media life a positive and fun experience. I believe in the idea that we are not meant to recreate blueprints that work in other people’s businesses, but wholeheartedly endorse the philosophy of taking several pieces of information that we are attracted to and molded them into what feels successful and authentic while complimenting our WHY. The scary part about fulfilling your dream is the fact that we cannot tell you how to do something because it’s your job to create that yourself. This knowledge alone crushes most people and sends them packing. I don’t want that to happen to you and have a knack for making this part life-changing and fun at the same time. Your cooperation is vital to the success of your outcome. Your purpose is more important than your fears and excuses. I believe in you and everything I’m going to teach you will make your life and business easier with an energy that feels like you did all the work yourself because you will.

The Course Outline

Monthly call is on Zoom video conferencing and held the first Friday of every month throughout the year and excluding holidays. This is where we hold each and other accountable, talk about our wins, ask questions, and support each other with ideas to move us all along. This is every single month beyond the completion of your course.

Our first meeting will be held on the first day the academy opens through which is Thursday, October 11th at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you cannot meet at these times the #replays will be on the membership site.

There will be monthly meetings the first Friday of every month starting in November 2018

There will even be a content vault! This is a place that I will hold a ton of all the valuable content from the past 9 VisibilityYOU seasons for you to go through once you have completed the course.

WEEK 1 – Meet and LIVESTREAM on important topics that will shape your emotions around what is missing no matter how much experience you have
WEEK 2 – A vast week of ALL the ways you can be visible for your company in the most authentic ways
WEEK 3 – Storytelling
WEEK 4 – Writing
WEEK 5 – Mindset in business and at home
WEEK 6 – Space, time and money
WEEK 7 – Sound (This is going to be a BLAST!!!! There is music and that is all I am saying!)
WEEK 8 – Building Relationships online
WEEK 9 – Your online brand identity, presence, and overall messaging strategies
WEEK 10 – Jumpstart your creativity with actionable projects, perspectives, and stories to inspire you!
WEEK 11 – Marketing and sales YOUR WAY and how to figure that out or revise your current plan to reflect something more connected to your dreams
WEEK 12 – Connecting with an influencer and creating a big opportunity

🔥Beyond the workbook, there is my successful 7 Comfort Core Steps to Pinpointing Your Brand Message exercise
A creative and online business Trend Forecast report for 2018-2019

🔥If you purchase the course right now you will receive a 3-month private coaching package where we meet 1:1 3x and delve into your brand messaging, look and feel, visibility and overall goals to get more creative and on track with something you will be very connected to. If you feel like your brand identity is okay or has been “working” you may be also considering in the back of your mind that it needs work. I build brands for women who are not just building a business but creating a sustainable legacy that feels like your favorite pair of jeans and tee when you put them on! So comfortable and even sexy sometimes but always CONFIDENT and feeling great.

Gain Access To The True Energy Of Your Business!


A huge misconception about visibility is that it is about showing your face or live-streaming… those are only options or tools and not what it means at all. There are core beliefs, values, stories, and life-goals that need to be worked on and shaped before even diving into all the fun technology and events you can do with it all. Anyone can stand in front of a camera, but it takes a powerful shift to connect deeply with yourself first and follow through for YOU so that both your home life and professional life are healthy and empowering a flow and personal attitude that is yours. Developing your own visibility plan starts from the inside and cannot be faked. AND there are a million combinations to what your recipe may be and I am here to help you with creating it with you.

The course is 12 weeks and there is content, homework and actionable creative experiments every single week. The week is considered Monday through Friday and that means that at the bare minimum you’ll have 60 tasks to accomplish, yet there is more. Much more. Videos, lots of quizzes, creative inspiration, audio, MUSIC, scripts, how-to’s, and a fun workbook!

Social Proof

I’ve been working with Alley for the last six months, first on building my brand visibility and logo, and then creating my new website. My work with Alley surrounding visibility has been life-changing for me. I went from having a very vague idea of what I wanted for my business and being afraid to share my vision, to having a crystal clear vision and plan, and the courage to put that plan into place. I couldn’t be happier with my website and logo, but more importantly, I’ve figured out what I want and what I need to do to make progress towards my visibility and business goals. Devon Ray Batagglia

Plant Medicine Intuitive & Nourishment Guide, InnerSpark

I tell people all the time, the turning point in my business came after joining the VisibilityYOU facebook group!

It wasn’t an instant transformation for me, in fact, I spent many months standing in the shadows as I witnessed many people step into their light under Alley Jean’s guidance. But because of Alley’s consistent message of empowerment, the day finally came when I was able to take my own step forward. Once that first step was taken, especially with the supportive and encouraging response from the group she’s cultivated, the next steps were so much easier!

Honestly, if it weren’t for Alley Jean and the VisibilityYOU facebook group, I’d still be hiding, and my business would still be stagnant. A year ago, I rarely shared my thoughts on social media, or pictures of myself or my life, or heaven forbid a live video! Now I’m connecting with my collectors and clients on such a meaningful level, interacting with my groups live several times a week and am using video everywhere I can!

Not only does she offer amazing services and guidance, but as with all great leaders, Alley Jean walks the talk. She provides an incredible example of the balance between personability and professionalism. I’ve learned so much from her example about how to share myself authentically with my audience while staying positive and relevant and providing value; to let people in, while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Alley Jean has helped me to not only become more confident with the technology and other vital aspects of visibility as an online entrepreneur, but I have become more confident in myself and my business. I’m so very grateful! Linda Fabry

Artist & Expressive Arts Facilitator, The Artsy Apothecary

I’ve been following Alley for a while now and have always admired her rock star attitude towards business and women in business.  I joined her group and have learned SO much from her and others in the group.  Then I took her Visibility course and was amazed, not only with what she shared and taught, but with myself as well.  She got me out of my comfort zone and able to create a few Facebook live videos, after all, we have to be visible if we want people to find us and fall in love with what we do!  I’ve always felt safe here, this is a no judgment zone, a group of totally kick butt chicks to lift each other up and a teacher who makes us all feel at home!  Thank you Alley!

DiEtte Heanderson

Artist, The Artsy Pumpkin

IF you are like me, and other self-employed business owners, or an entrepreneur, we often feel alone and have a lack of support. We often find ourselves stuck in decisions of: “Where do I go now? What do I do next? I have the will and want to move forward… but what do I do it? How do I achieve my dream?” This how I felt *before* meeting Alley Jean and taking her VisibilityYou Course!

Her course is jam-packed full of positive thinking, goal setting, and so much guidance and support! With all of the crucial information in her class, you WILL PREVAIL with whatever your individual goals are!

I invested in myself and launched new areas of my business! It is the very best thing I ever found to empower myself and my dreams! If you are reading this… then you are on a great path in your life, and I feel it’s no coincidence you are here!!! Hope to see you in the Visibility You Course! Love B Becky J. Neff

Artist - Writer - Teacher, Becky J. Neff Artist

Don’t Worry About Time!

🌟Even though the course is 12 weeks you may not have the time to finish it which is okay. This course is meant to be finished at your pace and the only way to get through the course is to complete each step so the new one opens up. So, you may follow along with me or do it on your own. Remember that following along will produce greater accountability and success.

Once you become a member, you are a member for life and receive the opportunity to email, tag, and message me with questions or accomplishments as long as you stay an active member of our community. Speaking of community…. There is NO separate facebook group. Everything happens in my main group, the VisibilityYOU Business Incubator on Facebook and this is where a lot of the tasks will be experimented with. Being within a real community to actually test out your way of approaching the academy is going to be the most successful way which is why I closed the additional membership group for good earlier this year. All members that were a part of that group become immediate members of my NEW academy and online membership area because once you join the VisibilityYOU Business Academy you are a member for life and receive all the additional updated content.

Facebook Business INCubator

Take Action! 

You advance through this course by taking actionable steps and coming back into the membership site to record the results you experienced. If you have questions about the tasks, please contact Alley Jean asap.