Your Upgraded Feminine Visibility Experience Begins Shortly

Want more information about how you may fit into our business academy?  Get ready for our launch this year with LIVE updates on FACEBOOK and emails which will begin Thursday, February 21st.  The official start date will be during the Full Pink Moon of Spring on Friday, April 19th

The Details:

1.) The new price for the course is $333.33 This has been lowered because the content has been created and I will be less available and it will be more automated for you.

2.) All the content will be available at once instead of slowly dripped out. So you can dive into any area you would like in order or out of order at any time you wish from the moment you purchase.

3.) Payment plans will not be available and there will no longer be an early bird bonus of any kind. The course is full of extras, bonuses, and gifts worth thousands and is well worth the investment for any woman ready to up-level her life and business.

4.) Everyone who joins the Academy will enjoy a discount of 15% off any of my services because you’ll have extra tools to power you through my creative transformation process much easier than someone who has not taken the course. You must complete the course and meet with me for an assessment before graduating and receiving the gift price on further services.

5.) New Content will be added twice a year, once in the Spring and Once in the Fall, and be available to anyone in the academy.

6.) The academy will be shut down over the next couple of weeks to initiate the changes I’ve just mentioned.

7.) There will no longer be monthly meetings on Zoom because we will be meeting quarterly for about 1.5-2.0 hours virtually. If you would like to meet with me for a laser focus visibility and brand session, all students receive a discounted rate and can meet me privately for 1.5 hours for $55 A new calendar link with payment option will be available soon. This is available before, during, and after the course begins. Email me at

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