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The Details:

1.) Investment for your life-time membership is $333.33 in full. You will gain have access to current and future business modules. The course can be completed with 12-weeks but can be done at your own pace. Because new content will become available quarterly, this time-span will inevitably increase.


2.) All the content will be available at once instead of slowly being “dripped” out. So you can dive into any area you would like from the moment you purchase. After purchase, a secret email with a secret passcode and link will appear at your inbox!

3.) Payment plans are not available at this time. (Actual Value of Course $3,500 USD)

4.) You receive full-access support to Alley Jean, the creator, by email, and you may ask her questions about your business or things that may be holding you back in terms of lack or techie stuff like sales funnels. 

5.) New Content will be added quarterly, 

6.) This course is for women who want to be challenged in their personal and professional life. It expands your perspective and courage in marketing, online and offline visibility techniques, business writing on social media, visual mastery, brand identity, finding your purpose and creativity challenges that will increase your revenue and creativity!

7.) We will be meet quarterly for 1.5-2.0 hours virtually on Zoom Video Conference. 

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